Body Lift

Body lift is an extension of the above procedures that are required to address massive weight loss. It deals with predominantly excess skin and loss of elastic tissue throughout the body.

In the lower trunk, it may comprise an abdominoplasty with an extension around the back to lift the buttocks and thighs. In the upper trunk, it usually comprises a breast lift and arm lift. I perform lower and upper trunk procedures separately to minimise complications and allow for optimal healing.

The signs of massive weight loss not only affect the body but often cause the face and neck to look drooped and aged. As such, patients frequently have a face and/or neck lift on a separate occasion.




Each operation takes 4 hours or more depending on the sites operated. If time is excessive due to the amount of work required, I will bring in another plastic surgeon colleague to assist and minimise the risk of a lengthy procedure.



Generally a 7-10 night hospital stay for a lower body lift, 2-3 nights for an upper body lift






Recovery & risks are intertwined closely as it is such an extensive procedure that risks are high. I will go through these risks with you in detail based on your individual risk profile and more importantly, how they are minimised. This will also be included in your surgery pack that will be provided after your initial consultation.



Initial consultation is $300. There is a second preoperative consultation (which is free of charge) to allow time to ensure all your questions and expectations are addressed.

The total cost of the procedure (surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital fees, garments) and any rebates you may be entitled will be calculated for you after your initial consultation and you will be provided a written quote. Post-operative consultations are not charged.

It is advisable to bring a referral as you will likely be eligible for rebates from Medicare and your health fund that will offset a proportion of the above costs.



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