Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Brachioplasty is the procedure aimed at correcting disproportionately large or droopy upper arm skin and fat.

The procedure ranges from liposuction alone, to limited incisions hidden in the armpit to incisions that extend down the inner aspect of your upper arm. The choice of procedure is determined by the amount of excess fat and skin in the individual as well as the quality of skin tone.

My technique for the average patient combines liposuction with as short a scar as possible to achieve a toned upper arm that matches proportionately with your forearm. By this technique, you have a better preservation of nerves and blood vessels that aid healing as well as a smoothly tapered result that is not dependent on undue tension in the skin. This lends to better healing, shape and minimal scarring.




The operation takes from 1.5-2 hours.



A day only procedure that does not require overnight hospitalisation.



Risks are general to any procedure and specific to brachioplasty. I will go through these with you in detail based on your individual risk profile and the ways we minimise the risks. This will also be included in your surgery pack that will be provided after your initial consultation.



Patients recover quickly that they do most normal activities except sport within a week. A garment is necessary for the first month to minimise bruising and swelling and aid in the final shape of the arms.



Initial consultation is $300. If a second consultation is required, this is at no out-of-pocket charge.

The total cost of the procedure (surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital fees, garment) and any rebates you may be entitled will be calculated for you after your initial consultation and you will be provided a written quote. Post-operative consultations are not charged.

It is advisable to bring a referral as you will likely be eligible for rebates from Medicare and your health fund that will offset a proportion of the above costs.



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