Breast reduction is the surgical procedure used to reduce breast volume and restore shape. It is a commonly sought procedure as large breasts may cause discomfort, impair lifestyle, and limit the clothing choices available to women. It can also reduce nipple-areola size.

Breast reduction carries a high satisfaction rate as patients report that it allows for a healthier, more active lifestyle without the restrictions caused by the excess weight breasts exert on the neck, shoulders and back.

Invariably the procedure requires an incision around the areola with a vertical extension below that. The main difference in techniques for breast reduction lie in whether that is the only incision needed (called a Vertical or Short scar technique – incision line like a keyhole shape) or if a horizontal incision in the breast crease underneath is also required (called a Conventional or Wise pattern technique– incision line like an anchor shape).

Although short scar techniques sound appealing, they are not appropriate for all patients and at the initial consultation we will discuss what technique will suit you best and achieve your goals. If a shorter scar technique is feasible, that is my preference.

Essentially the benefits of a short scar technique are less skin incisions and a faster procedure whereas conventional scar techniques allow for extra redundant skin at the lower part of the breast to be addressed immediately at the time of operation and also provide a stable point at which the new breast is situated on the chest.

Internally, are a more complex series of incisions designed to move the nipple safely into a higher position, create stable pillars to support the new breast for shape and longevity to counteract drooping, and of course, to remove the desired excess volume of breast tissue. For more information regarding this procedure, please refer to our breast reduction post.




The operation takes 2-3 hours.



Generally an overnight stay.



Risks are general to any procedure and specific to breast reduction. I will go through these with you in detail based on your individual risk profile. This will also be included in your surgery pack that will be provided after your initial consultation.



Recovery on average is one week and the dressings stay on during this time. Most non-impact exercise and swimming can resume at 2-3 weeks. A light support bra without wires is essential in the first 6 weeks (either a medical garment we can arrange or a simple sportsbra). Contact sports and bras with wires are allowed at 6 weeks.



Initial consultation is $350. If a second face to face consultation is required, there is a cost of $150.

A referral is required for your appointment.

The total cost of the procedure (surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital fees, garment) and any rebates you may be entitled will be calculated for you after your initial consultation. Post-operative consultations are not charged.

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