Breast Augmentation Video

Breast augmentation in Sydney is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kevin Ho considers understanding the patients’ cosmetic needs as the most important aspect of this procedure. During consultation, Dr. Ho spends quality time on discussing patients’ requirements to understand why they have opted for this procedure and what their expectations are. There are many factors in breast augmentation surgery such as the size of implants, technique to be used and the incision site that determine the results. This makes it even more important to understand the patient requirements. After consultation, Dr. Ho conducts a physical examination of the patient to gain an insight into the patients’ anatomy. This enables him to customise the surgery. His main aim is to provide a tailored treatment that maintains the harmony of the patients’ body shape and to deliver quality results.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery in my practice. And from listening to my patients to answering questions on forms that are asked, the most important aspect of this procedure is actually hearing the patient and getting a very thorough understanding of what you, the patient wants as an end result. There are so many techniques in breast augmentation from choosing the right size implants to the shape to where it goes in your body in which layer and through which incision that it’s so important to understand what you want as the patient so that your end goals are achieved with the right technique. One of the greatest crimes in this procedure is when a surgeon adopts a one size fits all attitude and you will understand that if you feel that you are not being heard. So in the process of my consultation, the first part of it is spending a lot of time getting an understanding of what you want to achieve not just in size but how you want to feel and how you want to look in and out of clothing and what type of clothing you like to wear. The consultation will then progress on to physical examination where I’ll examine your breasts for lumps and bumps as well as assess the quality of your tissues for breast augmentation to determine which technique is best for you. We’ll then sit down with all the information of what you have provided as the outcome that you wish and the look that you want combined with my knowledge of your anatomy and we’ll tailor an individual process so that we can hopefully achieve the outcome you want. With that in mind what I want to do is achieve the look that you’ve been deserving in a very tailored individual way that maintains the harmony of your body’s proportions and importantly also adds to the longevity of your result.